The Psykose Dataset

A Motor Activity Database of Patients with Schizophrenia.

The (size 7,7MB) archive contains actigraph data collected from 22 psychoticpatients hospitalized at a long-term open psychiatric ward at Haukeland University hospital.


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Using sensor data from monitoring devices such as smart-watches or movements collected via mobile phones to predict certain health states or for performance outcomes is a very popular topic in both computer science and medical research. To be able to perform reliable and reproducible research, it is important to share data and results openly. In medicine, this is often difficult due to legal restrictions or due to the fact that data collected from clinical trials is seen as very valuable and something that should be kept "in-house". Therefore we present PSYKOSE, a publicly shared dataset consisting of motor activity. The dataset contains sensor data collected from patients with schizophrenia. In total, we have data from schizophrenia patients with schizophrenia and control persons. For each person in the dataset, we provide sensor data collected over several days in a row. In addition to the sensor data, we also provide some demographic data and medical assessments during the observation period. The schizophrenic state was assessed by medical experts from Haukeland University hospital. In addition to the data, we also provide a baseline analysis and possible use-cases of the dataset.

Terms of use

The data is released fully open for research and educational purposes. The use of the dataset for purposes such as competitions and commercial purposes needs prior written permission. In all documents and papers that use or refer to the dataset or report experimental results based on the Psykose, a reference to the related article needs to be added: PREPRINT:

Ethics approval

In this study, we used fully anonymized data approved by Privacy Data Protection Authority. Furthermore, we confirm that all experiments were performed in accordance with the relevant guidelines and regulations of the Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics - South East Norway, and the GDPR.


Email michael (_at_) simula (_dot_) no if you have any questions about the dataset and our research activities. We always welcome collaboration and joint research!