Other Data

Here are openly available datasets collected from other domains than health and medicine displayed.


A Dataset for Training Emotional and Intelligent Machines Playing Super Mario Bros.

 N/A (csv, jpg)


A Large Annotated Corpus for Detection of Violent Threats.

 1 (txt)

Right Inflight

A Dataset for Exploring the Automatic Prediction of Movies Suitable for a Watching Situation.

 318 (http)

Playing Around the Eye Tracker

A Serious Game Based Dataset.

 201 (jpg, sql)

Anarchy Online

Server-side Network Traffic from Anarchy Online: Analysis, Statistics and Applications.

 1 (pcap)

HSDPA Bandwidth Traces

HSDPA-bandwidth logs for mobile HTTP streaming scenarios.

 11 (logs)

The WICO Graph Dataset

a Labeled Dataset of Twitter Subgraphs based on Conspiracy Theory and 5G-Corona Misinformation Tweets.

 3000 (graphs)