European Cloud Cover

A dataset containing reanalysis data from ERA5 and satellite retrievals from METeosat Second Generation.

 897 (nc)

The WICO Graph Dataset

a Labeled Dataset of Twitter Subgraphs based on Conspiracy Theory and 5G-Corona Misinformation Tweets.

 3000 (graphs)

Kvasir Capsule

The largest gastrointestinal PillCAM dataset.

 112 400 (jpg, avi)

The Kvasir-Instrument Dataset

A Gastrointestinal Instrument Dataset.

 590 (jpg)

The HTAD Dataset

A Home-Tasks Activities Dataset with Wrist-accelerometer and Audio Features.

 N/A (csv)


A Motor Activity Database of Patients with Schizophrenia.

 N/A (csv, jpg)


A lifelogging dataset of 16 persons during 5 months using Fitbit, Google Forms and PMSYS.

 252 (json, csv, xlxs)


A Dataset for Training Emotional and Intelligent Machines Playing Super Mario Bros.

 N/A (csv, jpg)


The Largest Gastrointestinal Dataset.

 ~112 400 (jpg, avi)


A Multimodal Video Dataset of Human Spermatozoa.

 91 (avi, csv)


Segmented Polyp Dataset for Computer Aided Gastrointestinal Disease Detection.

 1000 (jpg)


A Text-Classification Dataset Consisting of Norwegian Soccer Articles from VG and TV2.

 5526 (txt)


A Large Annotated Corpus for Detection of Violent Threats.

 1 (txt)


The Depresjon Dataset.

 55 (csv)


A Multi-Class Image-Dataset for Computer Aided Gastrointestinal Disease Detection.

 8000 (jpg)


A Bowel Preparation Quality Video Dataset.

 5525 (jpg)

Right Inflight

A Dataset for Exploring the Automatic Prediction of Movies Suitable for a Watching Situation.

 318 (http)


A Dataset For Sport Analysis.

 1993 (png, sql)

Playing Around the Eye Tracker

A Serious Game Based Dataset.

 201 (jpg, sql)

Alfheim video and player positions

Soccer video and player position dataset.

 28 (h264, csv)

Anarchy Online

Server-side Network Traffic from Anarchy Online: Analysis, Statistics and Applications.

 1 (pcap)

HSDPA Bandwidth Traces

HSDPA-bandwidth logs for mobile HTTP streaming scenarios.

 11 (logs)